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01.naanPuneuma no Butou
02.Set Fire to FlamesSteal Compass / Drive North / Disappear
04.AphasiaMetal Tank
05.SeaworthyMap In hand Pt. 6
06.GrailsClean Living
07.Souvenir's Young AmericaThe Sheltering Sky
08.Mountain Men AnonymousQuim
09.3ndwalk in brown
10.mudy on the sakubanPOLICE
11.Hirono NishiyamaWorld's End Fanfare
12.Trico!On A Bright Day
14.Kashiwa DaisukeCoto
15.Haruka NakamuraGraf+
16.ReignsMirrors At Night
17.AusHero Of The Paper Boy (Motoro Faam Remix)
18.no.9left the wind
19.Small SailsCorners
20.Lymbyc SystymLove Your Abuser
21.Fuck ButtonsSweet Love For Planet Earth
22.Alva NotoMeta Phaser
Show notes:
The 200th show! I nearly forgot.
This show has been tagged with the following:
ambient, folktronica, idm, post-rock