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01.Diagram of Suburban ChaosTake It or Break It
02.ChrissakesHyper White (Unmastered)
05.The Happy PlanetsPenetration [No Intro]
06.Temp Sound SolutionsRevolution (feat. Shinobi, Kabuto the Python and Conyeezy)
07.Machine DrumLate Night Operation
08.Himuro YoshiteruChanging Mind
09.KhonnorThis Pipe Bomb Is A Piece Of Shit
10.ModemFrigid Lunatic
11.SenseWeakend (Excerpt, Mix 2)
12.Evan Valentine323c
13.ModemUntitled 202 (SQMIX!)
14.Himuro YoshiteruMe vs Me
15.CDRA Day In The Life (Beatles Cover)
16.HeartwormKenneth Has Issues With Authority (Live at Massive Support Record Release)
17.CodaWhat The Snacks
19.disasterPEACECounter of The Cumulus
20.Alex MauerDyfeyw
21.Anonymous 8-bit Artist #1Everglade Frostdrops
23.nonfiniteDespondent Hearts
24.nordloefBurn Down Your Hometown
25.sheGeneric Eric (Early Mix)
26.glomagTransmission (Joy Division Cover)
27.glomagThese Days (Joy Division Cover)
28.AnamanaguchiSo Bored (Wavves Cover)
29.Anonymous 8-bit Artist #2A18
30.SaskrotchShutting Down
31.wildman.xteveUntitled #7
32.wildman.xteveUntitled #3
33.una*niña*malvadaFlan Must Die!
35.ShnabubulaHappy Fun Time
Show notes:
The 4 year anniversary show! This show was completely comprised of exclusive music submitted for the anniversary show. Some made for the show (Coda's "What The Snacks" should really be the show's themesong), some being simply unreleased rareties.

Shoutout to Mia (DA / LJ) for making this excellent anniversary image. I love how derpy I look :C
I also want to thank Shut, who is a butt, for getting me to do this show in the first place.

Big thanks to all the artists who helped make this show special:
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anniversary show, breakcore, chiptune, hip-hop, idm