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01.SyntaksStars Fell On The Shore
02.XhaleEarlier Today
03.Tim KochSeven Ate Nine
04.PentatonikMovements - Part 3
07.ModemNothing Feels Right (Remix)
08.ExillonHello Pighead
10.EnduserBlastin Mothafuckaz
11.Venetian SnaresGhetto Body Buddy
12.The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo BoingoAlphabet Song
13.D.I.Uncontrollable Urge
14.DevoSpace Junk
15.Poison GirlsClosed Shop
16.Talking HeadsThe Girls Want To Be With The Girls (Live)
17.ZoundsGreat White Hunter
18.Gang Of FourOutside the Trains Don't Run On Time
19.Bad BrainsFearless Vampire Killers
20.Operation IvyMissionary
21.Youth Gone MadOki Dog
22.Hagar The WombCardboard Theatre
23.CrassSystematic Death
24.Suicidal TendenciesInstitutionalized
25.ZooeyTeddy Bear
26.The Pop GroupShe Is Beyond Good And Evil
27.Sex Gang ChildrenThe Quick Gas Gang
28.Michael ChionSanctus
29.Akira YamaokaPrayer
30.Einstürzende NeubautenZ.N.S.
31.Edgard VarèseDésérts (Ausschnitt)
32.His Name Is AliveCan't Go Wrong Without You