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01.Ryuichi SakamotoSeven Samurai (Richard Devine Remix)
02.Spangle call Lilli linelimi side schedule
03.Shugo TokumaruLight Chair (Midori Hirano Remix)
04.Takagi MasakatsuDrowsy
05.Asao KikuchiSix Minutes Ten Seconds
06.Minotaur ShockLady Came From Baltin Wharf
07.The CollectorsPhoenix
08.Mice ParadeWave Greeting
09.Jaga JazzistSwedenborgske Rom
10.NatsumenCicada Sing The Galaxy
12.Shakuhachi SurpriseTora! Tora! Tora! Senzuri
13.Naked CityPistol Whipping
14.DarkelBathroom Spirit
15.PsappKing of You
16.Róisín MurphyLeaving The City
17.múmPlease Sing My Spring Reverb (Isan Catena Mix)
18.Sketch ShowReform
19.Cyndi SeuiTombourine Dream
20.Spank RockRick Rubin (Instrumental)
21.MetronomyDanger Song
22.Rebel FamiliaMafia (DJ Baku Remix)
23.Steve & RobHow I Learned To Hate Myself
24.NudgeMy New Youth
26.BattlesTRAS 2
This show has been tagged with the following:
ambient, avant garde, hip-hop, idm, noise rock, post-rock, shibuya-kei