Welcome to Midnight Snacks, a radio show on the internet, hosted by W.T. Snacks.
It airs every Tuesday night at midnight EST.

The next show is currently scheduled for July 18th at 12:00 AM EST (14 hours, 22 minutes from now) on stream.midnightsnacks.fm
01.Nick FortéFever Dream
03.L'usine ICLShoot The Moon
05.WispAll His Might
06.Vim!Just To Be Serious For A Moment
07.Dorothy's Magic BagTony Blair Witch
08.Pressure Wave SymphonyoOBubbleOo
09.Cow'pHouse Cat
10.YMCKPanic Racer 005
11.HecatePhilosophy In The Bedroom
12.Rebel FamiliaDecide Remix Feat. Numb
13.ShitmatDis Dancehall Ting Is Better Than That T.V. Ting Tony
14.múmThe Ghosts You Draw on My Back
15.Chateau FlightBlue Evening
16.RöyksoppRemind Me (Live)
17.Frou FrouPsychobabble
18.KiloWattsIdeal Chameleon (Johan SOH's Mix)
19.RadioheadLike Spinning Plates
20.Massive AttackInertia Creeps
21.The Freight Elevator QuartetSvengali
22.Yellow Magic OrchestraBehind The Mask (DJ Hasebe Remix)
23.RhymesterRoyal Straight Flash (Instrumental by Towa Tei)
24.DJ HalfzwareMegamix
25.Girl TalkUnicorn vs. Gravity
26.MochipetNelly vs. Poor Kararookee (Venetian Snares)