Welcome to Midnight Snacks, a radio show on the internet, hosted by W.T. Snacks.
It airs every Tuesday night at midnight EST.

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01.Jon AndersonAmor Real (Global Communication Remix)
02.D/A/DMiami Thunder
03.DarocA Bout De Souffle
05.TriobeliskDistant Star (Deluce Remix)
06.FM ATTACKDisco Attack
07.school food punishmentfuturistic imagination -AVALON Remix-
08.Hierophant GreenFoxy Baby
09.AMWEDiving From High Place
10.Clazziquai ProjectSpinning the World (voice remix)
11.Tai JasonMarble (feat. immi)
12.ravexBelieve in LOVE (feat. BoA)
13.Eagles of Death MetalHigh Voltage
14.The Dismemberment PlanMemory Machine
15.Sondre LerchePhantom Punch
16.!!!Feel Good Hit of The Fall
17.BrainiacMr. Fingers
19.Q and Not UBook of Flags
20.The KnifeHangin' Out
21.Holy FuckBontempi Latin
22.MenomenaThe Pelican
23.The MicrophonesThe Moon
25.SparklehorseKing of Nails
26.Blonde RedheadMelody Of Certain Three
27.EfterklangChapter 6 (Live At Ekko, Utrecht, Netherlands 13.04.08)
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co-hosted by DJ FUTURE DRACULA, ambient, electro, house, indie