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01.BelongThe Door Opens The Other Way
03.HrvatskiGemini (Early)
05.AOKI takamasaWalking With POLCO
06.MarumariWar Of The Wolves
07.Casino Versus JapanWhere To? / What For?
08.Greg DavisGbrocade (Rewoven)
09.The Kallikak FamilyGuitar #2
10.The BooksSmells Like Content
11.Break The "Heart" To What Is Actually Being Told Instead Of Asking Who Said That.
12.PedroFear & Resiliance
13.Minotaur ShockHilly
14.Klaus NomiDing Dong (The Witch Is Dead)
15.Last StepThe Devil
16.Meat Beat ManifestoHorn Of Jericho (Exillon Remix)
17.Ceephax Acid CrewLove Is Real
18.Bong-RaBert Is Evil (feat. Drop The Lime)
19.DelienAlchemical Improv
21.SabrepulseDot Matrix Hero
22.Curtis ChipHead With No Body
23.CassetteboyApple Cak (Shitbox)
24.BAN ME PLEASEMichael Jackson vs. Billy Ray Cyrix - Hard Criminal
25.Venetian Snares + SpeedranchWe Hate Russell
26.Duran Duran DuranDrunken Fuckin
27.Lasse MarhaugTakemitsu Unholy [remix of Merzbow]
28.Passenger Of ShitPoo Cock On My Anus