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01.CicadaLake's End
02.The Diogenes ClubI Could Try To Explain
03.Little Star DwellerStars
04.Body LanguageYou Can (Star Slinger Remix)
05.Gold PandaMarriage
06.Magic PandaDays Are Numbered
07.How To Dress WellSuicide Dream 3 (Solar Bears Remix)
08.DeloreanGrow (Taragana Pyjarama Remix)
09.TychoHours (Teen Daze Remix)
10.Neon IndianFuture Sick
11.Com TruiseColorvision
13.Purity RingUngirthed
14.VirtBetrayal (NES)
15.HeosphorosA Traditional Children's Waltz
16.ShnabubulaGame Genie
17.Henry HomesweetTimewave Zero
18.The Juan MacLeanEverybody Get Close
19.Crazy PChanges
20.CreepDays (Azari & III Remix)
22.Macho RobotFFF
23.capsulethe mutations of life
24.CicadaDon't Stare At The Sun (Revisit)
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ambient, chiptune, disco, electro, hip-hop, house, idm, piano, synthpop