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01.minusbabyA Large Part of Your Mind Sliced
02.SaskrotchThe Hero Returns Home
03.NGBIKatamari On The Swing (SEXY-SYNTHESIZER All About Namco Mix)
04.KkrustyLike Coming Home
05.quarta330Bleeps From Outer Space
06.Boys NoizeKontact Me
08.capsuleI'm Feeling You
09.Fizzy Dino PopElectric Future
10.Gramaphone ChildrenSugar RUSH (Cyndi Electrix Popular Remix)
11.PhonatSet Me Free
12.CicadaPsycho Thrills (Dyebox Remix)
14.KleerupUntil We Bleed (with Lykke Li)
15.múmThe Island of Children's Children
16.organic stereoBrightness
18.I'm Not A GunWalk Through Walls
19.HyakkeiUmibe no Toshokan
20.mouse on the keysOuroboros
21.HASYMOThe City Of Light
22.CorneliusTone Twilight Zone
23.Akira KosemuraWould
24.Trico!I put it away in my mind
25.Heather Woods BroderickLeft
26.world's end girlfriendYoru wa Toi
This show has been tagged with the following:
chiptune, electro, folktronica, idm, neo-classical, post-rock