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01.VINCENT ATMICUSMugi no odori (Aruiha EXPO'70)
02.Prefuse 73Creating Cyclical Headaches (feat. Four Tet)
04.Takeshi NakatsukaHooray, La La -interlude-
05.Hideki NaganumaHumming The Bassline
06.Yuri MisumiThe Wonderful Star's Walk Is Wonderful
07.Macdonald Duck EclairSunflower202020
08.Polyphonic RoomSTEREO TOKYO
09.Electric Eel ShockRock'N Roll Can Rescue The World
10.The StalinNo Fun
11.Kenzi & The TripsButa ni shinju
12.Inugami Circus-DanSaishingata Andoroido
13.Melt-BananaLast Finger Split
14.Lift Up Your HandsFive Bloody Songs 1
15.Lift Up Your HandsFive Bloody Songs 2
16.Peelander-ZJaico My Love
17.Slam ChopUP
18.Slam Chopsweep aside
19.GO!GO!7188Cutie Honey
21.Gay Against YouTriple Schipol 3
22.EnduserThe End (Richard Devine Remix)
23.ASA-CHANG & JunrayTsuginepu to Ittemita (Minna no Rappa Hen)
24.Milky-ChuHorror Much Show
25.NisennenmondaiTori - Track 3
26.BORISKetsubetsu (LP Version)
27.UK DecayFor My Country
28.KabukiI Am A Horse
29.BalzacSilence Of Crows
30.Frank The BaptistEver
31.Deadfly EnsembleHorse On The Moor
32.The Dancing DidBadger Boys
34.Alien Sex FiendHere Cum Germs
35.QuarksWo Geh Ich Hin
36.Einstürzende NeubautenHaus der Lüge