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It airs every Tuesday night at midnight EST.

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01.Vampillia & LustmordDeep Dub
02.YppahLittle Dreamer
03.I Am Robot And ProudA Way of Organizing Time
04.tomonojo miyagimélies
05.Atomâ„¢Riding the Void
06.Luke VibertKnockout
07.RNBWSCaptivity (Wheez-ie Remix)
08.Bruce SmearTouchy
09.Guy AkimotoI Miss You
10.George FitzGeraldCall It Love (If You Want To) (feat. Lawrence Hart)
11.DUCKYRain Dance
12.Pogo & SkyeTime Machine (Lost In Space Mix)
13.Wave RacerBubble Wrap
14.MaxoWhat Do You Mean (feat. danika)
15.DZZFugue (swindail Remix)
17.TroyBoiYou Kno
18.SHA SHA KIMBOZATTISE (Swisha Sweet Remix)
19.Dirty ChocolateMultiverse
20.Valentino KhanDeep Down Low (Gillepsy Remix)
21.SartanaG.C.W. Theme Song
22.SOPHIEMSMSMSM (Mercedes Denz Edit)
23.t+pazoliteWe're the Uplift
24.Sampling MastersLesson.43 enchantment under the sea
25.Akira ComplexOdyssey (Mitomoro Remix)
27.Remute & Shinichi OsawaCalculator
28.Kane WestT.R.U.E.L.O.V.E.
29.Rick & MortyGet Schwifty
This show has been tagged with the following:
ambient, chiptune, electro, folktronica, future bass, hardcore, hip-hop, house, idm, indie