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01.MONOThe Battle To Heaven
02.sgt.Ginga o Kowashite Hatsudensho o Tsukure
03.MutyumuHanpuku suru Sekainohate de Byakuya wa Chiru
04.MaybeshewillAccept And Embrace
05.LITESequel To The Letter
06.Ai mo Shinkou mo Onajiyouni Hibi no Sasayaka na Gongyou de Nomi 'Iji'sareru.
07.YppahThe Moon Scene 7
08.MokiraI Was Her May 15th 1995
09.portalenzYOU wa SHOCK! (Hardcoreoke Ver.)
10.USKWoodman Stage, Wily Stage 1 (Respect2dabeat Mix)
12.StarscreamSpace Party Anthem
13.TobiahElectro Disco
14.ZZTLower State Of Consciousness
15.capsuleFLASH BACK (Extended-Live mix)
16.Aira MitsukiRe:†
17.FrankmusikTime Will Tell
18.PrivateWe Got Some Breaking Up To Do
19.Yes GiantessTuff 'n Stuff
20.Few NolderEl Snig (feat. Rut)
21.Luke VibertHouse Stabs
22.Jodey Kendrick+10 Funk
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chiptune, electro, house, idm, post-rock