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01.Ryuichi Sakamotofullmoon (S U R V I V E Version)
02.NullsleepImage Weapon
03.Trash80Missing You (Snesei Remix)
04.GroundislavaWait Forever
05.Chrome SparksStill Think
06.Graham ReznickBeverly's Crop
07.Ashtar LavandaMarfa Lights
08.Jeff RussoAltered Carbon Main Titles
09.KorineNo Wait
10.Quiet FriendBreathplay
11.OnraNot Long Ago
12.KiWiHoshikuzu no PARADE
13.tofubeatsFumetsu no Kokoro
14.Happy Kuru KuruSayonara Cricket
15.LOVE SPREADFlowers in the dark
16.The AprilsHorror Survivor (feat. The Lady Spade)
17.NEMLESSSNa_stalgie Cl
18.Uchu NekokoOnline Love (TORIENA Remix)
20.POLYSICSShut Up Baby
22.Mount KimbieYou Look Certain (I'm Not So Sure) (feat. Andrea Balency)
23.Kero Kero BonitoCinema
24.School Of Seven BellsI L U
25.LLLLFalling (feat. U-Pistol)
26.Softcore untd.Skolebenken
27.Ed HarrisonDistance
28.subtractiveLADOne and the Same
29.KelpeSand In Your Craw
This show has been tagged with the following:
ambient, chiptune, electro, j-pop, shoegaze, synth