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It airs every Tuesday night at midnight EST.

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01.BoredomsSuper Are
02.QuintronMeet Me At The Club House
03.Apparat Organ QuartetCruise Control
04.Add N to (X)Metal Fingers In My Body
05.POLYSICSUrge On!!
06.Xploding PlastixDonca Matic
07.DeerhoofThis Magnificent Bird Will Rise
08.Omoide HatobaCircle Change (Hiyodorigoe)
09.The Go! TeamJunior Kickstart
10.Kalyanji & Anandji vs. Automator & DJ ShadowInspector Jay From Dehli
11.Secret Chiefs 3Blaze Of The Grail
12.Wevie StonderGypsy Chimp
13.Milky-ChuHorror Much Show
14.Juicy PanicCat And The Cats
15.RefelyHead Bang!
16.Plus-Tech Squeeze BoxBaby-P
17.AprilsPan-Da Reprise
18.capsuleCandy Cutie
19.Sonic Coaster PopSunny Side Up!
20.Hazel Nuts ChocolateKoi wa Kyurukyuru
21.PerfumeElectro World
22.YMCKMilky Blue ~Riddle in Wonderland~
23.The Hunt For YoshiStockholm Syndrome
24.V.D.Smells Like GB Spirit
25.NullsleepBallistic Picnic
26.Eight BT80's Here To Stay
28.UtabiPlanet Pop Citric Acid Mix
29.Shiez2000Demo Track 08
31.EpsilonEating Willy Beamish
32.BlasterheadSecond Gabba Nation
34.SabrepulseStorm Raid Battle
This show has been tagged with the following:
avant garde, chiptune, hardcore, j-pop, neo-shibuya-kei, noise rock, shibuya-kei