Welcome to Midnight Snacks, a radio show on the internet, hosted by W.T. Snacks.
It airs every Tuesday night at midnight EST.

The next show is currently scheduled for August 28th at 12:00 AM EST (4 days, 10 hours from now) on stream.midnightsnacks.fm
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Show #737: 05.08.19acid, ambient, future bass, house, j-indie, j-punk, j-rock, jungle, math rock
Show #213: 04.22.09avant garde, chiptune, dubstep, glitch-hop, hip-hop, idm, j-punk, j-rock, noise rock, stoner metal, thrash metal
Show #151: 02.13.08co-hosted by nullsleep, chiptune, doom metal, grindcore, house, j-hardcore, j-punk, j-rock
Show #135: 10.24.07ambient, dreampop, j-indie, j-punk, j-rock, post-rock, shoegaze
Show #121: 07.18.07hip-hop, j-hardcore, j-punk, j-rap, j-rock, j-rock'n'roll
Show #116: 06.13.07co-hosted by 5, avant garde, breakcore, chiptune, doom metal, electro, hip-hop, idm, industrial, j-punk, j-rock, jazz
Show #103: 03.14.07idm, j-punk, j-rock, post-rock
Show #098: 02.07.07ambient, avant garde, doom metal, glitch, grindcore, idm, j-punk, j-rock, post-rock
Show #071: 08.02.06co-hosted by 5, anarcho-punk, breakcore, deathrock, drum'n'bass, j-punk, j-rock, j-rock'n'roll, jazz, noise rock, punk, synth-punk
Show #068: 07.12.06avant garde, classical, dubstep, idm, j-punk, j-rock, jazz, noise rock, post-rock