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01.Keith Fullerton Whitman21:30 For Acoustic Guitar (Part One)
03.Accelera DeckThe Nearness Of You Makes Me Feel So Real
04.µ-ZiqSick Porter
05.DelienWe Format
06.KhonnorAmazing Larry Does Not Bite Off Of Other Songs
07.ProemThree Days Before I Move (Time Stretched Cow Rmx by Secede)
08.HrvatskiVatstep DSP
09.Prefuse 73Warp Demo Track 8
10.Roni SizeDirty Beats (DJ Kalm Dub Mix)
12.Girls Against BoysThekindamzkyoulike
13.The Delta 72Get Down
14.QuintronDo The Stomp
15.Blue MeaniesPave The World
16.The SpecialsGangsters
17.Stubborn All-StarsOpen Season
18.The ToastersTalk Is Cheap
19.The PietastersSame Old Song
20.Baccone DolceI Pity The Fool
21.Atlag ShrugSkud
22.Mustard PlugGo
23.The AquabatsSuper Rad
24.Buck-O-NineWater In My Head
25.Jack Kevorkian And The Suicide MachinesHey Ska!
26.Operation IvyKnowledge
27.Skankin' PickleI'm In Love With A Girl Named Spike
28.The Bruce Lee BandSong #3 (Part 2)
29.Less Than JakeJohnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
30.MephiskaphelesThe Bumble Bee Tuna Song
Show notes:
The first hour of this show is taken from a playlist originally an old Shoutcast show, aired on 10.16.02. 2002!
The second hour is comprised of "music I listened to 10 years ago." Timewarp.
This show has been tagged with the following:
ambient, drum'n'bass, idm, indie, nostalgia, ska