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01.TOWA TEIGBI (with Kylie Minogue)
02.Cyndi SeuiPolaroid (feat. The Hair Kid)
03.Charisma.comLunch time funk
04.Bate RigsonPolka Dot Cast
05.Louis La RocheThe Cute Song
06.Chilli HiflyIs It Love? (Plastic Plates Remix)
07.Otenba kidPink Panther
08.PASOCOM MUSIC CLUB Mobile Dog HouseĀ„
09.DE DE MOUSEdream you up
10.dynasticjinzhang (SHADY ☆ MONK RMX)
11.MARGARET SPOONSecret Maze (Astro Kid Remix)
12.Henrik The ArtistMy Friend (Shagia Metric Remix)
13.MadnapWindows Down (feat. Lonemoon)
14.Ivy HollivanaFar Apart (Ricco Harver Remix)
15.Aubrey × tweak!Mix: tweak! Birthday b2b Mix
16.Marshall ApplewhiteThe Jungle is Pain
17.Marshall ApplewhiteIn Need of Control
18.Sampling Masters J99Solomon
19.AcquariumBlue Velvet
20.Q'HeyFreak Out In (Redhead Remix)
21.Yuzo KoshiroAnother Dimension
23.More DeepNobody
24.2 UnlimitedTwilight Zone (R-Control Mix)
25.Techno CityBelieve
26.RednexCotton Eye Joe 2002
27.Remo-conPaper Bag
28.Mad ChildChildrens Madness (lapix Remix)
29.ni-21Acid Pumper (Extended Mix)
30.Silent HorrorNocturnal Wizard
31.Already MagedPolice Escape
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co-hosted by Aubrey, co-hosted by tweak!, DJ mix, disco, electro, hip-hop, house, j-core, j-pop, rave, shibuya-kei, techno