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01.Aoki TakamasaRhythm Variation 06
02.Global Communication14:31
03.EmunatorFootloose Falls (Donkey Kong Country 3 OC ReMix)
04.ABSRDSTThe Cold Ruins of a Once Great City (Metroid Prime)
05.Akira YamaokaStage-IV.A-B - Cardinal Canyon, Losei
06.FlashworxOdaiba Chase
07.Tesla BoyParaffin (feat. Fritz Helder)
08.capsuleLove or Lies
09.KnowerTime Traveler
10.BitcodeBark (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
11.MondkopfWhere The Gods Fall
12.Oneohtrix Point NeverBetrayed in The Octagon
13.Autre Ne VeutWarning
14.CHVRCHESNow Is The Time
15.Charli XCXSet Me Free
16.Rex The DogDo You Feel What I Feel (feat. Jamie McDermott) (Radio Edit)
17.DAT PoliticsYes Way
18.Dandi WindApotemnophilia
19.Kap BambinoNew Breath
20.ADULT.Love Lies
21.Solar BearsA Sky Darkly
22.Micron 63Anatomy of No Escape
23.The Soft MoonZeros
24.A Place To Bury StrangersDon't Burn The Fires
25.Sun ArawHorse Steppin
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ambient, dubstep, electro, electropop, glitch, house, post-punk, synth-rock