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01.Marshall ArtThey're Like Locusts (feat. spamtron)
02.Azuria SkyI looked up at the stars
03.For Astronauts and SatellitesExoplanet
04.chalkboardsmy favorite show is on the television
05.Slime GirlsYUMEMI
06.an0vaLittle Busters (The Pillows Cover)
07.Shoujo KissYo Anime
08.minikomidollar turnin
09.bôaDuvet (LOW's Lain 2step Remix WIP)
10.Yun*chiWonderful Wonder World* (Carpainter Remix)
11.Kyary Pamyu PamyuNo No No
12.seiungirl✿ perfect cherry blossom ✿
13.Trust in LoveStage 4 (Firedrill Remix)
14.melonmintwilshire/normandie i (feat. Dear Jia) [DDR Mix]
15.CHVRCHESLeave A Trace (Four Tet Remix)
17.Gilligan MossCeremonial
18.Different SleepSo Afraid 2 Cry
19.sakuraburstforest of the spirits
20.Dirty ChocolateHologram
21.DBKRight Feel
22.813Sunny Lemonade (Cute Club's QT Edit)
23.in the blue shirtseven bridge (Isagen Juke Edit)
25.DuckyNo Love For The Boys (Lambo-kuura Rmx)
26.Hannah DiamondAttachment (Hasta Remix)
27.Sirr TmoDo Ya Thang
28.DJ SpinnDubby (feat. DJ Rashad & Danny Brown)
29.TripletrainBumbaclottt (feat. Taso & DJ Earl)
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chiptune, club, hip-hop, house, indie, j-pop, juke, jungle, post-rock, uk garage