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It airs every Tuesday night at midnight EST.

The next show is currently scheduled for June 5th at 12:00 AM EST (6 days, 12 hours from now) on stream.midnightsnacks.fm and Twitch
01.sgt.Apollo Program
02.GlaciersFrom The Horizon
03.Russian CirclesGeneva
04.PelicanWhat We All Come To Need
05.JesuMorning Light
06.Ben FrostPeter Venkman Pt II
07.Simon ScottThe ACC
08.Memory TapesRun Out
09.White RainbowMajor Spillage
10.KaitoIt Happens Suddenly
11.ModeratSeamonkey (Untold Remix)
12.Tim ExileYoutube Killed The Now Wave Star
13.Shut Up And DanceCream (Afghan Head Spin Remix)
14.DébruitI'm Goin' Wit' You (Octa Push Remix)
15.Signal PathRoom of Monsters
16.Pretty LightsKeep Em Bouncin
17.Akira KiteshiBoom N Pow
18.Noah D & No ThingUnknown Suspect (Noah D VIP)
19.HATEBad Organs
20.MartynMega Drive Generation
21.ZombyStrange Fruit
This show has been tagged with the following:
ambient, avant garde, dubstep, hip-hop, house, post-rock