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01.DJ SHARPNEL & LoctekPicoPico Hammer
03.IzeSugar Spice (feat. Eartheater)
04.KlahrkPhantoms (feat. CITYTRONIX)
05.Samurai Breaks x AudiogutterAcid Chef
06.HurtdeerLooking Cuplike
07.Kanji KineticSidewinder
08.Sample JunkieHow I Flow
09.Hadean & FellsiusBar Counter
10.RYL0On the Run (feat. Robel Ketema)
11.InstupendoDream Drop
12.DJ Re:code, tracey brakesout of my head (feat. tracey brakes)
16.Aiobahnwish (feat. somunia)
18.DolfinboySweet Nothing
19.PHYSAMix: summer daze // bummer nights
20.Unicorn KidBoys Of Paradise
21.deloreanStay Close
22.OtiraTake Me
23.milo millsbad bitches by the pool
24.Quad City DJsSpace Jam
25.GhastlyEvery Night
26.Young ThugHalftime
27.Miley CyrusDo My Thang
28.Hudson MohawkeFuse (Pure 100% Flip)
30.Valentino KhanLick It (☆puppy☆ NXC)
31.GupiPorlap's Revenge
32.Fresh HexBig Party
33.Sleepy TomBe Right There
35.k?dZero One
36.PHYSAStrong Zero
37.LOUDPVCKJumanji (feat. Reese Laflare) (Lights Out Jersey Remix)
38.MiloMilo & FreebotBring It Gyal
39.RawtekMonkey Emoji
40.ValentineUs (Rohaan & Laxcity Remix)
41.JOYRYDEThe Box (Crankdat Re-crank)
42.S3RLRequest (feat. Mixie Moon)
43.Baby Rasta y GringoMe Niegas (PHYSA Donk Remix)
44.Die AntwoordBanana Brain
45.Party FavorWAWA
46.RawtekSom Som
47.Darren Styles & Callum HigbyTMA
49.Chris Bushnell & Rowland EvansShe All About (KITTYNXC CATFIGHT EDIT)
50.Bad GyalNicest Cocky
51.TracyLike A Farmer (DJ Happy Hardcountry's Donk Love Story Remix)
52.TEXAS BABYMix: Midnight Snacks Mix
53.Diane KeatonCountry Baby
54.John HartfordHolding
55.Taylor SwiftYou Belong With Me
56.BasshunterDream On The Dance Floor
57.Nickel CreekDestination
58.Kid Froopybb (4 missed texts) (TEXAS BABY "me vs froopy vs elvis" Blend)
59.Kid FroopyDown (TEXAS BABY "me vs froopy vs elvis" Blend)
60.Kacey MusgravesVelvet Elvis (TEXAS BABY "me vs froopy vs elvis" Blend)
61.Shawn WasabiOtter Pop (feat. Ollis) (TEXAS BABY "me vs froopy vs elvis" Blend)
62.A.G. CookPobbles
63.TEXAS BABYbb yr a s0ng
64.Ryan HemsworthCream Soda (with Tomggg) (TEXAS BABY "hemsworth & tomggg's lonely weekend" Blend)
65.Kacey MusgravesLonely Weekend (TEXAS BABY "hemsworth & tomggg's lonely weekend" Blend)
66.Tomgggfuture hippie (greyl Remix) (TEXAS BABY "hemsworth & tomggg's lonely weekend" Blend)
67.Merle HaggardMama Tried (TEXAS BABY "hemsworth & tomggg's lonely weekend" Blend)
68.Fresh HexWhen You Were Mine (TEXAS BABY "hemsworth & tomggg's lonely weekend" Blend)
69.Porter RobinsonLanguage
70.Josh TurnerWould You Go With Me
71.Carrie UnderwoodBefore He Cheats (TEXAS BABY "before he gets excited" Blend)
72.Batsu & in the blue shirtWith (COOL TEENS Bootleg) (TEXAS BABY "before he gets excited" Blend)
73.LIL TEXASI Am Excited (TEXAS BABY "before he gets excited" Blend)
74.sad club cowgrrlovr + ovr
75.John HartfordStation Break
76.PerfumeThe Opening (holly waxwing's blush blend) (TEXAS BABY swift fuccup)
77.LastingAll My Love
78.TEXAS BABYb4ck r04d
79.RostamIn A River (dj texas roadHouse Remix)
80.The BlazeSHE
81.kirakumango sago
83.Terror JrCome First (Kid Froopy Remix)
84.Taylor SwiftMean (Kid Froopy Come First Edit)
85.Holly WaxwingVibe
86.Holly WaxwingVibe (CRAPFACE Remix)
87.John DenverCountry Roads
88.RednexCotton Eye Joe (Dr. Rude's Carnaval Tool)
89.TracyLike A Farmer (DJ Happy Hardcountry's Donk Love Story Remix)
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