Welcome to Midnight Snacks, a radio show on the internet, hosted by W.T. Snacks.
It airs every Tuesday night at midnight EST.

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01.W.T. SnacksMix: SLASHTRAXX at City Club 04.16.16 Mix
04.Mount KimbieSlow (Druid Cloak Club Cosmos Bootleg)
05.Volta CabJunction
06.TigaMind Dimension
07.Special RequestMindwash
08.SurkinWhite Knight Two
09.Wheez-ieThat UH Track
10.Alfred EnglishPiston
11.Mark PritchardWind It Up (feat. Om'mas Keith)
12.Nina Las VegasEZY
13.CanblasterAttention! 8 Way!
14.Volta CabJunction
15.RedlightGold Teeth
17.BONERBARF¥ phantom riddim ¥ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
18.EYES LOW001
20.Lavender Llama x Slow GraffitiYeezus Season
22.SalvaGet a Life (Swisha Sweet x Swaqqy Dolphin Remix)
23.Le DomBang Us
24.Cherryboy FunctionStripped Servant
25.GRRLBad Bitch [VIP]
26.Amnesia ScannerAS Crust
27.CanblasterMix: SQ Fighter Megamix
28.Samurai Shodown 2Shizen no Utage (Haru Nakoruru)
29.Garou Densetsu Last ResortBonus Game Start
30.Garou Mark of the WolvesSpread The Wings
33.CapcomLogo (3rd Strike)
34.CapcomLogo (16-bit)
35.ZappHeartbreaker pt I
36.CapcomLogo (8-bit)
37.EminemSuperman (Marshall Vs Capcom)
38.Garou Mark of the WolvesFullmoon - Heartfull
39.Battle Arena Toshinden 2Kayin’s Theme
40.Street Fighter EX3Harem Beat
41.Kaiser KnuckleLook at me -theme from Kazuya-
42.Street Fighter EX2Future Objects
43.Tekken Tag TournamentARCADE MOVIE
44.Street Fighter III 3rd StrikeElena's Stage ~Beats in My Head~
45.Streets of Rage 2Go Straight
46.Streets of Rage 2Boss Battle (Never Return Alive)
47.Streets of Rage 2Under Logic
48.Street Fighter III 3rd StrikeDudley's Stage ~You Blow My Mind~
49.Super Puzzle Fighter 2I Want You to Know (Theme of Sakura)
50.Virtua Fighter 2YOUNG KING
51.Tekken Tag TournamentLEI
52.Vampire HunterMorrigan’s Stage -Scotland-
53.Street Fighter 2Theme of M.Bison
54.Battle Arena Toshinden 2Fo-Fai’s Theme
55.Sonic The FightersGame Over
56.Last Blade 2The Flower That Dies And Falls Apart
57.Garou DensetsuHow Has China Survived 4000 Years? II (Tung Fu Rue)
58.Garou DensetsuKurito Forever (Terry Bogard)
59.BlazBlue -Calamity Trigger-Under Heaven Destruction
60.Tekken 3Julia Chang
61.Tekken Tag TournamentHEIHACHI
62.Tekken Tag TournamentSCHOOL
63.Tekken Tag TournamentEDDY
64.Kaiser KnuckleContinue
65.Tekken Tag TournamentNINA
66.Tobal No.1Shinto Shrine
67.Final FightFinal Fight Arranged
68.Street Fighter III 3rd StrikeChun-Li's Stage ~China Vox~
69.Tekken Tag TournamentYOSHIMITSU
70.Virtua FighterEvolution
71.Street Fighter EX2+WHITE FIELD ~ Snow Mountain Stage
72.Tobal No.2The Origin no.5
73.Art Of Fighting 2Shihan Takuma Sakazaki BGM
74.Tobal No.1Urban Sight
75.Super Smash Bros. 64Intro
76.Street Fighter EXRising Dragoon
77.Street Fighter EX2+FLASH TRAIN ~ Train Stage
78.Street Fighter EX2+FAKE WORLD ~ Museum Stage
79.Streets of Rage 3Cycle I
80.Streets of Rage 3Boss
81.Street Fighter EX2+PEARL IN THE SKY ~ Kyoto Stage
82.Streets of Rage 3Inga Rasen
83.Garou Densetsu Last ResortLast Resort Title (Last Resort Original Version begins)
84.Tekken 3BRYAN FURY
85.Samurai Shodown 2Oni (Genjuro)
86.Street Fighter EX2+ DIGITAL IGNITION ~ Space Shuttle Stage
87.Garou Densetsu Last ResortThe Sunset Sky Part II (LAST STAGE CLEAR ~ ENDING)
88.Tekken Tag TournamentEMBU
89.Street Fighter III 3rd StrikePlayer Select ~Let's Get it On (Arcade)~
90.Street Fighter III 3rd StrikeMenu ~Third Strike~
91.Namco x CapcomGame Over (original)
92.cash wednesdayMagic
93.Moe ShopCrosstalk (Pixelon & tofuku Missed Call Bootleg)
94.DJ Scratchin'24 Hours
97.Madeaux & DZZAll I See
98.DJ KARAOKEThis Beat (feat. Yoshi)
101.MitomoroSugar Sweet (Kiraku Remix)
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