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01.DE DE MOUSErave 93
02.CRAPFACEin ur face!!!
03.Scru FaceI Love (GUNDAM VIP)
04.ReclusePath Of Wind
05.UltrademonPsyduck (riddim)
06.Machine GirlLilith
08.Chainsaw PoliceGet Lo
09.SatanicpornocultshopPsychedelic Hip
10.passportDa Funkman (Daft Punk - Da Funk × Hideki Naganuma - Sneakman)
11.Cibo MattoKnow Your Chicken
12.Kero Kero BonitoChicken
13.DJ Donna SummerChicken Dance
14.m1dyHarajuc Kandi Massacre
15.Waka Flocka Flame + Pa's Lam SystemThrowin' Money (Good Intent + Yoshi "Bit By Bit" Edit)
16.Skee-LoI Wish (San Holo Remix)
17.Amherst x DJ Scratchin'Imma Ride
18.tofubeatssuisei (Kokushimusou Summer Morning RAVE AMEN Mix Boogie Back Last Anthem Edit)
19.Sugar's CampaignYumemi Chai na GIRL
20.Men at WorkLand Down Under (Sonophone vs. Chuck Norris Edit)
21.Moon BootsUtopia (feat. Janelle Kroll) (Radio Edit)
22.Yudai GotoFrom Nowhere
23.Boys Noize & Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursSpacer
24.DMX KrewIf You Love, Love Openly
25.BujiThe Hunt
27.Druid CloakBallad of The Shadowprince (Silkersoft Translation)
28.KuedoEyeless Angel Intervention
29.CorneliusANATA WO TAMOTSU MONO (feat. Maaya Sakamoto)
30.LLLLI feel you fading (feat. Yeule)
31.FunkstörungDrown In Time (feat. Anothr)
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ambient, electro, hardcore, hip-hop, house, j-pop, juke, jungle, rave, shibuya-kei, speedcore