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It airs every Tuesday night at midnight EST.

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01.MuWhy I Left
02.KiiiiiiiKiiiiiii! (DJ Codomo Remix)
03.Totally Radd!!The Greatest Battle On Earth
04.Mr. PacmanThe Ninja
05.Dan DeaconSnake Mistakes
06.DAT PoliticsMy Toshiba is Alive
07.CylobRewind (Vocal)
08.Liam LynchRapbot
09.Quintron & Miss PussycatSwamp Buggy Badass
10.Miss Violetta BeauregardeI'm Wolverine And You're A Walrus And I'm Kicking Your Ass
11.Mindless Self IndulgenceDicks Are For My Friends
12.The Soft Pink TruthConfession (Cover of Nervous Gender)
13.KompressorBrush Your Teeth
14.Einstürzende NeubautenDie Ebenen Werden Nicht Vermis
15.CoilSolar Lodge
16.Der EisenrostMegatron
17.Skinny PuppyThose Loud Neighbours
18.Otomo YoshihideLast Words
19.Hiroyuki HonogawaConcrete Music
21.Dr. OctagonI Got To Tell You
22.JuggaknotsTrouble Man
23.Wu-Tang ClanShame On A Nigga
24.Naked CityShangkuan Ling-Feng
25.Passenger Of ShitStapletapewurmsonmypenis
26.DrumcorpsForgive And Forget
28.Bloody PandaCircle And Tail
29.Yellow MachinegunFloatin' Weed
30.Inugami Circus-danInochi Mijikashi Koi Seyo Jinrui
31.BalzacBrain Control
32.ChaotixDrive To Hell
33.The StalinReizouko
34.Church Of MiseryCities On Flame
35.The Blue HeartsHito ni Yasashiku
36.The 50 KaitenzThank You For RAMONES
37.Bela B.Tomorrow
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