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01.Towa TeiDubnova (Part 2)
03.Ryoma MaedaIt's A Disloyal Sunset
04.Plus-Tech Squeeze BoxThe Theme from Rock to The Future
05.Guitar VaderI Love Love You (Love Love Super Dimension Mix)
06.Sonic Coaster PopFuture Electro Star
07.AprilsAprils In Stereo
09.AVENGERS IN SCI-FIdance to the future
10.UrbangardeCONCRETE GIRL
11.school food punishmentfiction nonfiction
12.VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINEKirakira★Future days
14.Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss HerLullaby
15.The Blondie Plastic WagonBank Robber Loves His Future.
16.Flight Of The ConchordsRobots
17.The Most Serene RepublicPresent of Future End (16-bit Version)
18.Nick MaynardLightning Is Badass
20.glomagBad Therapy
21.Mr. PacmanWelcome to The Future (Sucks)
22.StarscreamFuture, and It Doesn't Work
23.C-JeffCreating The Future
24.Fighter XA Dystopian Future
25.BlasterheadDispersed (Life Mix by USK)
26.Je Deviens DJ en 3 JoursAerodynamic
27.Fizzy Dino PopElectric Future
28.Ear PwrFuture Eyes
29.Antoni MaiovviFuture Space Love Party
30.RYUKYUDISKOYume no Future (Time Is Dissing Me Remix by m-flo)
31.Dope PBack To Da Old Future
Show notes:
First show of 2010, and the 250th show! To celebrate, I've got a FUTURE GIMMICK for you.
This show has been tagged with the following:
chiptune, electro, idm, j-indie, shibuya-kei