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01.Cornelius and Ryuichi SakomotoTurn Turn
02.ModeratNo. 22
03.Shadow DancerDrivetime
05.EpilogueThe Day (The Bright Remix)
06.Shiho FujisawaCONTONE
07.capsulePortable Kuukou (rmx ver.)
08.ThunderheistNothing 2 Step 2
09.Sébastien TellierKilometer
10.Kelley PolarA Dream In Three Parts (On Themes by Enesco)
11.Tim ExileDon't Think We're One
12.Sigur RósSæglópur (Stegosaurus Edit)
13.Hideki TaniuchiKaiji Theme
14.WixelOn My Way To The Moon
15.From Monument To MassesAn Ounce of Prevention
16.65daysofstaticI Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood
17.TalkdemonicTides In Their Grave
18.PedroThe Pixels Weave A Person
19.DeceptikonWay Of The Samurai
20.Prefuse 73Preparation's Kids Choir
21.DaedelusGet Off Your Hihats
22.DimliteOccasionally Touching Earth
23.Flying LotusRobertaFlack (Mike Slott Reflunk)
24.Harmonic 313Cyclotron
25.Himuro YoshiteruNew Dice
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electro, electropop, hip-hop, idm, post-rock