Welcome to Midnight Snacks, a radio show on the internet, hosted by W.T. Snacks.
It airs every Tuesday night at midnight EST.

The next show is currently scheduled for June 5th at 12:00 AM EST (6 days, 13 hours from now) on stream.midnightsnacks.fm and Twitch
01.W.T. SnacksMix: The "Oh god, I've seriously played 2 hours of music every week for 5 years straight?" Mix
02.CodaWhat The Snacks (Edit)
03.Cherryboy FunctionSurburban Topless Beach (...Last Drive)
04.múmThe Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records
05.KelpeShipwreck Glue (Kelpe Extraversion)
06.TstewartCamp Lejune
08.Four TetA Joy (Battles Remix)
09.PhilippiansShe Will Return
10.Nite ClubNational
11.Crystal FightersI Love London (80kidz Remix)
12.JoggerLitre o' Cola
13.FaltyDLHuman Meadow (Luke Vibert Remix)
14.Toro y MoiEden
16.5Mix: Midnight Snacks 5 Year Anniversary Mix
17.IREMStar Soldier Theme
18.SymaripSkinhead Moonstomp
19.Skin Flesh and BonesTit for Tat
20.Augustus PabloEach One Dub
21.The Dynamites and Andy CappPhantom
22.Desmond Dekker007 (Shanty Town)
23.The EthiopiansFree Man
24.Asher SenatorOne Bible
25.cow'pLove Fool
26.Keith and TexStop That Train
27.ShitmatWhitelabel Unity
28.ShabushabuIma Sugu Tooku Ni
29.Bokusatsu Shoujo KoubouBoys'n'Shoujos Kingdom
30.DVMix: The Last Jungle Mix You'll Ever Need
31.General DegreePapa Lover (DJ Stretch Mix)
32.QuarterbackYou Can
33.Jonny LMore Life (Edit)
34.Krome & TimeKillasound
36.Jonny LSam
37.Amen AndrewsMultiple Stab Wounds
38.Doc ScottThe Unofficial Ghost
39.ShitmatWhitelabel Unity
41.PureAnything Test
42.Bizzy BDarkside
43.Bizzy BStrength
44.Bizzy BBad Boy Sound
45.Marvellous CainCB4
46.SpongeThe Crash
47.SaskrotchMix: Midnight Snacks Mix
48.Young JeezyWelcome Back
49.SquarepusherVenus No. 17 (Acid Mix)
50.Venetian SnaresHusikam Rave Dojo
51.Birdman, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy & Rick RossAlways Strapped Remix
52.SquarepusherAnstromm Feck 4
53.K->Slashman Stage (Dot Matrix Dinosaur Mix)
54.Kid StaticYou Can Do You Acapella
55.Don CannonMr. 17.5 Instrumental
56.Spor1 Up
57.Lil Wayne and Juelz SantanaNo Other
58.Aphex TwinVordhosbn
59.Young JeezyWho Dat
60.siikMix: siik × Snacks
61.AnquetteShake It, Do The 61st
62.69 BoysTootsie Roll
63.2 Live CrewHoochie Mama
64.2 Live CrewMe So Horny
65.Gucci CrewSally (That Girl)
66.JJ FadSuper Sonic
67.Pleasure PBoyfriend #2 (DJ Tameil Remix)
68.DJ JontyRude Boy
69.Jimmy CozierYou Got The Goods (Remix)
70.DJ SegaBreakfast
71.BlaqstarrTote It
72.MaceoHo Sit Down (Remix)
73.DJ Tim DollaSwagga Like Us
74.Spoons <3s SnacksMix: Cause I'm the S to the p-double o-n-y the one MC who you can't deny 'cause I'm the baby-maker, I'm the woman-taker, I'm the cold-crushin lover, the heartbreaker. So come on, fly girls, and please don't stop 'cause I'm MC Spoonie B, wanna hit the top and young ladies, rock on.
75.Candy & The KissesLet Love Win
76.Danny MooreSomebody New
77.Don RayBorn A Loser
78.Dean CourtneyWe Have A Good Thing
79.Sissie HoustonBring Him Back
80.Mathew BarnettIf Your Love Is Real
81.Ray WhitleyI've Been Hurt
82.Della ReeseA Clock With No Hands
83.Gwen StaceyAin't Gonna Cry No More
Show notes:
The 5 year anniversary show! Featuring 5 co-hosts, each providing a 20 minute mini-mix.