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01.DJ HYPE☆GIRLMix: Live at Anime Milwaukee 2020's Club AMKE
02.Mariya TakeuchiPlastic Love (Night Tempo 100% Pure Remastered)
03.Pure GemWash My Body
05.S2i8Hallelujah Essaim
06.Nagi Yanagi vs CarpainterVidro Moyou × point at infinity × Fancy Night Step (Tenchika Mashup)
07.EASTGHOSTThe Haunting House (Xian & Gaszia Remix)
08.PerfumeKiss and Music (Herrokkin remix)
09.D4INRock You! (w/ Setka)
10.C5Atashi Ponkotsu Android (stepic retweet)
11.C5Atashi Ponkotsu Android (Kowaremashita Remix)
12.PerfumeChocolate Disco (DJ μινοτακε Jersey Valentine Edit)
13.HIIHFeels Like "Heaven" (X-Tra Soundscape Mix)
14.W.T. SnacksMix: Live at Anime Milwaukee 2020's Club AMKE
15.Eiko ShimamiyaHigurashi no Naku Koro ni (the dig account "H19URA4" Remix)
16.KiWiWitch's Lesson (Wiwek Remix)
17.LiSAGurenge (LADY'S ONLY Bootleg)
18.GigaPBring It On (feat. REOL) (Masayoshi Iimori Remix)
19.Camellia & Nanahirasenpai, notice me!
20.PerfumeFake It (DOG NOISE "FUCK IT" Bootleg)
21.MUST DIE!Neo Tokyo (Jean Bloc Remix)
22.Dog Blood4 MIND (with josh pan and X&G) (DJ YAMINOMA "DONDOKO MIND" TOOL)
23.AXiSHEAVEN'S RAVE (ToYou Bootleg)
24.HommarjuTHE TANK
25.The Hair KidPOCARI FREAKZ (Relect Remix)
26.JodeciFreek'n You (UTENA Remix)
27.Cola SplashCurry Drinker (KOTONOHOUSE Remix)
28.GettyFxxkin' Jump
30.KARUTRave CompleX
31.KO3 & TanchikyHyper Rave
32.chelmicoEasy Breezy (Turbo Eurobeat Remix)
33.chelmicoEasy Breezy (Kokushimusou Jungle Mix)
34.SNACK ATTACKMix: Live at Anime Milwaukee 2020's Club AMKE (W.T. Snacks b2b DJ HYPE☆GIRL)
35.ClariSIrony (JAKAZiD Edit feat. Fatman Scoop)
36.Minorase Inori & Yuki KuboMore One Night (ura-seal DONK Remix)
37.Witch LibraryZombie JUKE, ADABANA...
38.pìccolob00m b00m
39.Valentino KhanLick It (NAOTO BOOTLEG)
40.SOPHIEHARD (Date Sim Remix)
41.LAZY GUNGStrawberry Fiction (PandaBoy Remix) (Yurizo Juked Out)
42.MadeonAll My Friends (Black Out Bootleg)
43.NILO KoizumiSeptember (SCRIPT Remix)
45.Happy CloverPUNCH☆MIND☆HAPPINESS (LADY'S ONLY Happy Bassline Bootleg)
Show notes:
Anime Milwaukee's Friday night club event, in which we opened up the first two hours! Video of our sets on archived on Twitch, available here.
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co-hosted by DJ HYPE☆GIRL, AMKE, DJ mix