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It airs every Tuesday night at midnight EST.

The next show is currently scheduled for July 17th at 12:00 AM EST (4 days, 3 hours from now) on stream.midnightsnacks.fm and Twitch
01.Alva Noto + Ryuichi SakamotoLogic Moon
02.DamiaSombre Dimanche
03.Venetian SnaresÖngyilkos Vasárnap
04.Xiu Xiu LarsenDistorted Duck
05.Tree WaveMachines Fall Apart
06.AliasUnseen Sights
07.Lali PunaFast Forward
08.Lucky PierreCrush
09.MagicicadaUntitled CDR - Track 2
10.Max RichterOrganum
11.Oriental HomewardFor Sure
12.world's end girlfriendPurple Orange
13.Man In FormaldehydeHarry's Song
14.Passenger Of ShitDum Melody 3
15.GridlockOnly Living Witness
16.Cream Abdul BabarTodd Space Is My Day Job
17.Dir en greyCLEVER SLEAZOID (Single Version)
18.Quintron & Miss PussycatFrench Quarter Faggot
19.POLYSICSCoelacanth Is Android
20.Frankie Goes To HollywoodRelax (Gamers In Exile's Sexually Awakened On Acid Mix)
21.Meaning Of NonsenseUntitled (Joseph Nothing Reconstructive Remix)
22.RATNSaigon no Hi
23.The Black DogTrojan Horus (Part 2)
24.DMX KrewWillliam The Conqueror
25.Mr. OizoVagiclean 2
26.ModeselektorKill Bill Vol. 4 (Promo)
27.Luke VibertCome On Chaos
28.DJ PierreBox Energy (AFX Remix)
29.Datach'iBattle Master
30.CycheoutsMy Sharona