Welcome to Midnight Snacks, a radio show on the internet, hosted by W.T. Snacks.
It airs every Tuesday night at midnight EST.

The next show is currently scheduled for December 1st at 12:00 AM EST (2 days, 6 hours from now) on stream.midnightsnacks.fm and Twitch
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Show #869: 11.17.21bassline, breakcore, chiptune, footwork, future bass, hardcore, hip-hop, house, jazz, jungle, uk garage
Show #868: 11.10.21DJ mix, SHELTER, acid, ambient, breakcore, club, dubstep, hardcore, house, indie, juke, psytrance, rave
Show #867: 11.03.21breakcore, chiptune, hardcore, house, idm, j-pop, jungle, rave
Show #866: 10.27.21Halloween, ambient, breakcore, electro, glitch hop, house, idm, jungle, post-rock
Show #863: 10.06.21breakcore, chiptune, drum'n'bass, electro, eurobeat, house, j-pop, jungle, techno
Show #855: 08.11.21DJ mix, TT9A. uk garage, acid, bassline, breakcore, iebunatsu, j-pop, j-rock, juke, speedcore, techno
Show #853: 07.28.21breakcore, club, drum'n'bass, future bass, house, idm, j-pop, juke, jungle, techno
Show #847: 06.16.21ambient, breakcore, chiptune, house, metal, post-punk
Show #836: 03.31.21ambient, breakcore, club, hip-hop, house, idm, jazz, post-rock
Show #823: 12.30.20ambient, breakcore, chiptune, drum'n'bass, idm, jungle, rave, techno
Show #814: 10.28.20ambient, breakcore, chiptune, club, drum'n'bass, dubstep, hip-hop, jungle
Show #813: 10.21.20DJ mix, Shakunetsu Underground, acid, bassline, breakcore, chiptune, drum'n'bass, electro, hardcore, house, j-core, jungle, rave, techno, trance
Show #808: 09.16.20ambient, breakcore, chiptune, club, house, idm, j-pop, juke, jungle, techno
Show #804: 08.19.20ambient, breakcore, chiptune, electro, hardcore, hip-hop, idm, indie, juke, rave, uk garage
Show #790: 05.13.20ambient, breakcore, club, dreampop, hardcore, house, idm, j-indie, post-rock, rave, trance
Show #785: 04.08.20DJ mix, acid, ambient, breakcore, club, dKai, electro, hip-hop, house, j-indie, j-rap, juke, jungle, rave
Show #784: 04.01.20DJ mix, DXDF2020, acid, ambient, breakcore, club, drum'n'bass, dubstep, house, indie, juke, jungle, rave bassline
Show #777: 02.12.20ambient, breakcore, chiptune, dreampop, drum'n'bass, hip-hop, house, juke, jungle, vaporwave
Show #774: 01.22.20ambient, breakcore, chillwave, chiptune, hardcore, house, idm, j-rap, jungle, synthpop
Show #770: 12.25.19Christmas, acid, breakcore, chiptune, drum'n'bass, eurobeat, hip-hop, juke, post-rock
Show #769: 12.18.19breakcore, chiptune, electro, hip-hop, house, juke, shibuya-kei, synth, uk bass, uk garage
Show #767: 12.04.19breakcore, chiptune, future bass, house, idm, j-pop, juke, techno
Show #755: 09.11.19breakcore, drum'n'bass, hip-hop, house, idm, jungle
Show #750: 08.07.19ambient, breakcore, chiptune, hardcore, house, idm, j-indie, math rock, post-rock, uk garage
Show #749: 07.31.19breakcore, chiptune, future bass, hardcore, house, jungle, rave
Show #744: 06.26.19co-hosted by DJ HYPE☆GIRL, DJ mix, bassline, breakcore, chiptune, club, hardcore, hip-hop, house, rave, techno
Show #726: 02.20.19DJ mix, breakcore, club, donk, grime, hip-hop, house, juke, jungle, rave
Show #701: 08.29.18breakcore, chiptune, doom metal, drum'n'bass, electro, hip-hop, house, idm, j-pop, juke, post-rock
Show #699: 08.15.18co-hosted by DJ HYPE☆GIRL, co-hosted by PolyKarp, DJ mix, breakcore, chiptune, club, future bass, hardcore, house, j-core, nightcore
Show #686: 05.16.18DJ mix, breakcore, chiptune, drum'n'bass, future bass, hardcore, hip-hop, house, j-core, j-rap
Show #685: 05.09.18breakcore, chiptune, folktronica, hardcore, j-indie, j-rock, post-rock
Show #682: 04.18.18breakcore, club, drum'n'bass, experimental, folktronica, hip-hop, house, idm, j-pop, juke, post-rock
Show #671: 01.31.18co-hosted by DJ HYPE☆GIRL, Anime Los Angeles, DJ mix, ani-net, breakcore, chiptune, club, electro, future bass, hardcore, hip-hop, house, juke, rave, techno, uk garage
Show #670: 01.24.18co-hosted by Syntho, Anime Los Angeles, DJ mix, ani-net, breakcore, chiptune, club, drum'n'bass, future bass, house, idm, juke, uk garage
Show #668: 01.10.18co-hosted by DJ Tenshin, co-hosted by Epikuro, co-hosted by Padlock, co-hosted by Rabbit Crime, co-hosted by Smith Comma John, co-hosted by low poly prince, co-hosted by tweak!, Bemani, MAGFest, MAGb2b, breakcore, drum'n'bass, future bass, hardcore, hip-hop, house, j-core, j-pop, juke, nightcore, rave, techno, uk garage
Show #667: 01.03.18DJ mix, Patreon, breakcore, chiptune, electro, hardcore, house, nightcore, synthwave
Show #666: 12.27.17black metal, breakcore, chiptune, doom metal, glitch, hip-hop, house, idm, j-rock, post-rock, ska, xmas
Show #660: 11.15.17acid, breakcore, chiptune, club, drum'n'bass, electro, grime, hardcore, house, j-core, jungle
Show #631: 04.26.17DJ mix, Patreon mix, acid, breakcore, chiptune, drum'n'bass, hardcore, house, idm, juke, jungle, rave, shoegaze, techno
Show #622: 02.22.17co-hosted by DeMarko, ambient, breakcore, chiptune, house, juke, post-rock, shoegaze, tropical bass
Show #612: 12.14.16co-hosted by Dosle, acid, ambient, breakcore, chiptune, electro, hip-hop, house, idm, jazz, jungle, shibuya-kei, shoegaze, synth
Show #602: 10.05.16acid, breakcore, chiptune, electro, future bass, hardcore, hip-hop, house, jungle, post-rock, rave, synth
Show #582: 05.18.16breakcore, club, electro, grime, hardcore, hip-hop, house, idm, indie, post-rock, rave, shibuya-kei, techno, uk bass
Show #580: 05.04.16co-hosted by Padlock, DJ mix, MAGFest, breakcore, chiptune, club, disco, hardcore, hip-hop, house, j-core, juke, jungle, nightcore
Show #541: 08.05.15co-hosted by VOIA, breakcore, chiptune, club, future bass, hardcore, house, j-core, j-indie, j-rock, new wave, post-rock
Show #535: 06.24.15breakcore, chiptune, drum'n'bass, house, indie, juke, jungle, shoegaze
Show #519: 03.04.15acid, avant garde, breakcore, debuts, hip-hop, house, indie, shoegaze, trip-hop
Show #518: 02.25.15acid, ambient, breakcore, dubstep, house, idm, juke, jungle, post-rock, uk bass
Show #516: 02.11.15breakcore, chiptune, club, house, idm, juke, shibuya-kei
Show #512: 01.14.15breakcore, club, hardcore, hip-hop, house, idm, jungle, r'n'b, rave, shibuya-kei
Show #496: 09.24.14acid, breakcore, chiptune, club, dreampop, hip-hop, idm, indie, post-rock, r'n'b
Show #482: 06.18.14acid, ambient, breakcore, disco, hip-hop, house, idm, indie, techno
Show #470: 03.26.14co-hosted by Dev/Null, ambient, bass, breakcore, club, dubstep, electro, hardcore, hip-hop, house, idm, j-rap, juke, jungle, shibuya-kei
Show #465: 02.19.14co-hosted by DJ FUTURE DRACULA, ambient, breakcore, hip-hop, house, idm, indie, new wave, post-rock, shibuya-kei, shoegaze, trip-hop
Show #459: 01.08.14breakcore, chiptune, club, electro, hip-hop, house, idm, j-pop, j-rap, juke
Show #453: 11.27.13breakcore, electro, electropop, funk, hip-hop, house, idm, synthpop
Show #439: 08.21.13breakcore, dubstep, electro, electropop, hip-hop, house, jungle, shibuya-kei, uk bass
Show #405: 12.26.12ambient, breakcore, chiptune, electro, folktronica, hip-hop, idm, jazz, juke
Show #386: 08.15.12ambient, breakcore, dreampop, folktronica, hip-hop, house, idm, indie, jungle, uk bass
Show #362: 02.29.12ambient, breakcore, chiptune, electro-house, hip-hop, house, idm, jazz, post-rock
Show #357: 01.25.12breakcore, chiptune, drum'n'bass, electropop, glitch-hop, hardcore, hip-hop, idm, indie, j-rock, jazz, metal, nostalgia, shibuya-kei, ska, uk bass
Show #307: 02.09.11acid, breakcore, drum'n'bass, dubstep, electro, hip-hop, house, idm, rave, shoegaze
Show #303: 01.12.11co-hosted by dv, acid, breakcore, dubstep, hip-hop, house, idm, ska
Show #291: 10.20.10breakcore, folktronica, idm, indie, industrial, j-pop, post-rock, shoegaze
Show #284: 09.01.10breakcore, dubstep, electro, hip-hop, idm
Show #251: 01.13.10ambient, breakcore, disco, dubstep, electro, hip-hop, j-rap
Show #232: 09.02.09avant garde, breakcore, dreampop, dubstep, folktronica, noise rock, shoegaze
Show #231: 08.26.09ambient, breakcore, chiptune, doom metal, dubstep, electro, hardcore, post-rock, trip-hop
Show #220: 06.10.09ambient, breakcore, folktronica, glitch-hop, hip-hop, idm, post-rock
Show #219: 06.03.09breakcore, chiptune, dubstep, electro, house
Show #218: 05.27.09breakcore, hip-hop, idm, j-rap, jungle
Show #214: 04.29.09acid, breakcore, chiptune, electro, folktronica, hip-hop, idm
Show #210: 04.01.09anniversary show, breakcore, chiptune, hip-hop, idm
Show #203: 02.11.09breakcore, dubstep, electro, electropop, idm, post-rock, rave, shoegaze
Show #199: 01.14.09breakcore, electro, electropop, hip-hop, idm, rave
Show #193: 12.03.08breakcore, dubstep, hardcore, jungle, rave, speedcore
Show #178: 08.20.08breakcore, chiptune, electro, hip-hop, house, idm
Show #175: 07.30.08breakcore, electro, idm, post-rock
Show #170: 06.25.08breakcore, chiptune, dub, electro, house, idm, mashup
Show #168: 06.11.08breakcore, folktronica, idm, j-indie, neo-classical
Show #167: 06.04.08acid, breakcore, chiptune, electro, house, idm, rave
Show #166: 05.28.08ambient, breakcore, glitch, hip-hop, math rock, post-rock
Show #164: 05.14.08breakcore, dubstep, electro, house, idm, jungle
Show #159: 04.09.08breakcore, hardcore, post-rock, speedcore
Show #156: 03.19.08breakcore, drum'n'bass, dub, dubstep, lounge, trip-hop
Show #153: 02.27.08avant garde, breakcore, idm, industrial, post-rock
Show #152: 02.20.08acid, avant garde, breakcore, dubstep, electro, hip-hop, idm, jungle, shoegaze
Show #150: 02.06.08ambient, breakcore, chiptune, electro, house, idm
Show #147: 01.16.08co-hosted by 5, ambient, avant garde, breakcore, chiptune, glitch, idm, j-hardcore
Show #146: 01.09.08breakcore, hardcore, house, idm, lounge, shibuya-kei, speedcore
Show #145: 01.02.08breakcore, drill'n'bass, idm, j-indie, noise rock, shibuya-kei, shoegaze
Show #139: 11.21.07acid, breakcore, chiptune, electro, idm, post-rock, shoegaze, sludge
Show #134: 10.17.07breakcore, dubstep, electro, house, idm
Show #126: 08.22.07breakcore, hardcore, j-indie
Show #118: 06.27.07breakcore, idm, j-indie, jungle, shoegaze
Show #116: 06.13.07co-hosted by 5, avant garde, breakcore, chiptune, doom metal, electro, hip-hop, idm, industrial, j-punk, j-rock, jazz
Show #111: 05.09.07ambient, avant garde, breakcore, hip-hop, idm, j-rap, ragga, shoegaze
Show #107: 04.11.07breakcore, electro, house, idm, new wave, post-rock, shibuya-kei, shoegaze
Show #104: 03.21.07breakcore, chiptune, doom metal, electro, idm, noise, post-rock
Show #094: 01.10.07ambient, breakcore, doom metal, drill'n'bass, glitch, idm, math rock, post-rock
Show #093: 01.03.07ambient, breakcore, hardcore, idm, j-rock, j-rock'n'roll, jungle, post-rock
Show #087: 11.22.06ambient, breakcore, dreampop, glitch, house, idm, j-rock, post-rock
Show #086: 11.15.06avant garde, breakcore, glitch, idm, post-rock, techno
Show #084: 11.01.06Halloween, ambient, avant garde, breakcore, classical, doom metal, idm, industrial, j-rock, noise rock
Show #081: 10.11.06ambient, breakcore, classical, noise, noise rock, piano, shibuya-kei, speedcore
Show #080: 10.04.06acid, avant garde, breakcore, chiptune, drill'n'bass, idm, post-rock
Show #079: 09.27.06breakcore, hip-hop, idm, post-rock
Show #078: 09.20.06avant garde, breakcore, dreampop, grime, hip-hop, idm, post-rock, sludge
Show #074: 08.23.06avant garde, breakcore, hardcore, idm, post-rock
Show #071: 08.02.06co-hosted by 5, anarcho-punk, breakcore, deathrock, drum'n'bass, j-punk, j-rock, j-rock'n'roll, jazz, noise rock, punk, synth-punk
Show #067: 07.05.06acid, ambient, avant garde, breakcore, dubstep, hardcore, hip-hop, idm
Show #066: 06.28.06avant garde, breakcore, chiptune, electro, hardcore, house, idm, j-pop, j-rock, j-rock'n'roll, speedcore