6 years and finally a new site… April Fools.

No wait, there actually is a new site, and it has actually been 6 years.

Damn, six years of playing you guys music every week. It’s about time there’s a new site. It’s not 100% quite yet, as I wanted to launch it in some form along with the anniversary show.

I’ll be adding new the planned new features as I have time, this blog being one of ’em! I’ll be updating the blog about said new features as they happen.

I’ve also gone ahead and made a Tumblr, which I’m going to reserve for the posting of music videos. This blog is gonna be more about the show’s happenings, and the occasional tuneage.

You may have already noticed that in addition to the Twitter I created some time back, there’s now a Facebook fan page as well. Keep yoself in the know.

Mad props the the amazing ui for these bomb-ass icons he made for the site! Some of these are as yet unused, and a hint at some new stuff that’s coming.


So we’ve got ourselves a 6 year anniversary show. If for some reason, you have yet to hear it, download that shit and get with the program, son.

Big thanks to all my past co-hosts and the others who provided their own “dong attacks” to help celebrate. I only wish I hadn’t been too busy busting my ass on this site to do mine as I had originally planned. ALAS.

As some long-time listeners may know, I’ve been having artists do drawings for anniversary shows for the past few years. For the 6 year anniversary, I had the lovely Katie Skelly of Calico Comics (website / tumblr) do a couple pieces.

Anyway, I’ll be catchin’ you suckas here later, and every week ON DA STREAM/PODCAST. Party on, Wayne.

W.T. Snacks

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