Whoa, almost time for the 7 year anniversary!

Yeesh, the last update in this brand new blog was almost a year ago, back when I launched it. Still not really sure what really needs to go here, what with the Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr already serving their own functions.

Regardless, the 7 year anniversary show is in 2 days!!!

(hey, it already happened, ya dingus! Go and download this awesome show here while you read about it!)

Much like the 5 year anniversary, I’ve got some delicious mini-mixes for you guys, from friends and favorite musicians alike. Went through a lot to get all this stuff organized, so you guys should spread the word! This anniversary show should be bigger than any other, with all luck.

Airing in just under 50 hours from writing this, at the usual midnight EST (Wednesday 04:00 GMT!), you don’t wanna miss this. There’s a countdown to in the upper right!

As usual, it’ll be airing via shoutcast.8chan.net. The show’s mp3 will be available shortly after airing.

I’ll have awesome mixes from the likes of:

Himuro Yoshiteru

Long time friend of the show and a highly under-appreciated favorite of mine, Himuro’s got a showcasing of his tracks, with a good bit of unreleased material!


Datassette has been a favorite of mine since his 2008 self-titled album, which I featured a track from in last year’s “favorite tracks” anniversary show.

He regularly makes little mixes on his site under the name of “Datashat”, and I’d highly recommend checking them out, especially the wonderful “Businessfunk” series.


She’s been a bro for several years, even creating a brand new track for the 4 year “exclusive tracks” anniversary show in 2009, which was later spruced up for his excellent album “Orion”.


It’s no surprise that I’m quite the fan of classic IDM, being one of the things that got me into electronic music in the late 90’s, and Kettel still embraces that. Last anniversary I used his amazing “Pinch of Peer” in the show. This year, I’ve got a whole mix of goodies from him!

The Hair Kid

The Hair Kid and I met due to mutual loves of our own respective music thangs, being his music and my radio show. On Youtube, of all places! Now we’re good friends, what with him co-hosting the show before and even namedropping the show in his official Shinichi Osawa remix. He’s got some fresh beats and even some new unheard stuff from him in his mix!

ps: Congrats to him for winning the EeL remix competition today, with his awesome remix of “For Common People”!


Daedelus has been a favorite live electronic act of mine for yeeeears, and now he’s got some of his great live sample crazy mashupping of his own jams and others for the lovely Midnight Snacks listeners.

If you haven’t seen this madman live, you owe it to yourself. At least watch a video or something!


Last, but certainly not least, I’ve got Warp Records IDM gods Plaid kickin’ up some little unreleased tidbits to snack on.

Not only did their music help shape my tastes over a decade ago, but it seems like they just kept on with them, like doing the music for Tekkon Kinkreet, an amazing anime film by one of my favorite studios, Studio 4°C.

Little Star Dweller

Oh, did I say last before? Sorry, I forgot to mention that this show ended up being a surprise extended edition!

Little Star Dweller is the new name of Nite Club. Under that name, he released his 2009 album, My Tronic, which is one of my favorite electro-pop albums ever.

I flew almost 800 miles to see him live, and we became friends after I discovered I was staying with a friend of his on that trip! Small worlds.

Under his new guise, he’s kicking out a lot of great jungle stuff, and he did a swell little mix to help this anniversary show be the first extended Midnight Snacks ever!

Spoonin’ Boys

Little is known about the elusive Spoonin’ Boys. :O

Just jk, he’s a cool dude who I met on Soulseek like a decade ago. Music buddies since, he’s been following up the live broadcast of Midnight Snacks with his own show semi-regularly for the past several years. Tune in live and you may get a chance to hear some amazing tunes that he’s selected. That’s the only way you will, as his show is a “catch it while you can!” affair.

We’re also doing the playdis.co blog together, which should be getting fully off the ground in the near future 8)

He’s injected some much-needed chiptune lovin’ in this show. ♥

Finally, check out this dang awesome art that my good friend Audrey Morris created to help celebrate 7 glorious years.

As a friend replied on Twitter, “That picture so perfectly defines Snacks in every way.” welp, :3

In other news, a year after I planned to, I’ve finally updated some features on the site, like adding pretty AJAX-ify’d playlist browsing along with prev/next show arrows, also available via your keyboard.
If you clicked on Himuro’s name up there, you may have also noted that I’ve added some artist alias linking when searching for an artist. I’m still in the process of building the database for it, but for example, you can now see everything I’ve played that Yasutaka Nakata has produced (quite a bit!).

More to come as time goes on, and hey, maybe I’ll figure out something to do with this damn blog!

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    yay blog!!!!!!

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    🙂 yes.

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    plaid is fucking sick

    also, snacks ’12

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