400+ shows, new domain, shirts, and sup 2013?

Hey, Paralia happy new year, jerks!

Almost 2 months ago, Midnight Snacks hit 400 shows and to celebrate, Underbroen launched a new domain, midnightsnacks.fm.

Jordan C made some excellent Jet Set Radio Whoa, themed anniversary art!


A month ago I logo. started taking pre-orders for limited edition t-shirts using the art from 2012’s 7 year anniversary show by Rory Morris.
There’s about a week left to secure yourself one, as I’ll be ceasing pre-orders wholesale nfl jerseys on January, 9th! This is your only season chance wholesale jerseys to get one, so get it while ya can ♥

Midnight Snacks shirt flier

Oh shit, less than cheap mlb jerseys 3 months to the 8 year anniversary… however am I gonna finally top last year’s?

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